Robot Head – Sonar


Do you know what connects a submarine and a bat? They both use sound to move around the surroundings. This is a very interesting fact, especially that today we will build a SONAR – a device that detects objects in front of you, and in addition, we will create a visualization of the environment in LOFI Blocks!

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Robot Head – Parking Sensor


Have you ever wondered how parking sensors in cars work? Imagine that you are playing with a robot and at the end of the game you have to park it in some tight and not visible place. Why walk behind the vehicle and make sure it does not hit the wall? Could we use a parking sensor? We present you a robot with a parking sensor!

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Robot Head – Alarm

If too often someone surprises you when you’re learning robot programming, today’s lesson is just right for you! We will learn how to build a robot that will serve as an alarm. The robot will be able to alert you thanks to the diodes and the loud buzzer sound, and will also shake his head when he detects the intruder.

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