Introduction to LOFI Blocks

LOFI Blocks is an application designed to learn programming using robots. The application is available in the online version and on mobile devices.

Where to get LOFI Blocks

LOFI Blocks is a free software. You can use it online in your internet browser or get a mobile version on:

Program’s interface

Main view


  1. Bookmarks with programming blocks divided into categories.
  2. The START / STOP button that starts and stops the program execution.
  3. SETTINGS tab containing functions for logging in, managing user accounts and saving and exporting projects.
  4. Link to documentation and examples.
  5. Button for saving your project.
  6. The work area on which we create the program.
  7. Pop-up menu.
  8. Buttons for zooming in / out blocks and deleting them.


Settings available after logging in:

  • Change the language.
  • New project – cleans the working field.
  • Save project – save the project “in the cloud” on the user’s account.
  • Export project – saves the project to a computer disk.
  • Import project – it fetches the project from the computer disk.
  • Saved projects – projects saved in the cloud on the user’s account.

Pop-up menu

The pop-up menu is located in the upper right corner of the screen and allows you to launch additional functions of the LOFI Blocks application.

Connection with a robot

The icon with the robot head indicates whether the application correctly communicates with the Arduino controller – if so, a circle appears around the icon. Clicking on this icon should cause the buzzer to be beep twice.

Sensor and console monitor

The sensor monitor allows real-time preview of readings from all controller inputs (even if no modules are connected to them) and from the distance sensor.

The console allows displaying the values ​​of various types of variables using the appropriate block from the CONTROL section.

Built-in gamepad

The built-in gamepad allows you to control the robot. It is linked to the EVENTS section.

Blackboard for drawing

Opens the drawing table associated with the section of the DRAW blocks. In the upper left corner of the drawing board, there is a button that allows you to switch it to full-screen mode.

Built-in piano keyboard

Opens a panel with a built-in keyboard that lets you play sounds from the C major range in the range of seven octaves.



The main block of our program. In order for any instruction to be sent to the robot, it must be inside the main block of the REPRODUCTION loop.

Only one block of this type may be in our program. You can not delete this block.