LOFI Blocks – Sound

PLAY loop

LOFI_Blocks_Sound (2)

The main loop in which we put instructions from the PLAY section. It differs from the loop REPEAT by the lack of additional delay at the end of the loop.

If the blocks from the PLAY section are placed on the main REPEAT loop, they will be executed as well as the robot control blocks placed in the PLAY loop.

LOFI Blocks is written in JavaScript language, its “weakness” is poor management of instruction execution time. This problem shows when a lot of delay operations defined by the WAIT block are performed simultaneously, which is especially noticeable when we are trying to play some sort of rhythmical sound sequence.


LOFI_Blocks_Sound (4)

The block controlling the main synthesizer.


  • Sound pitch – determined in the range from 0-100, covering 50 sounds from the C major scale, two units per sound.

PIANO synthesizer is the only instrument connected with NOISE or with ECHO.

Piano – ATTACK

LOFI_Blocks_Sound (5)

A block that controls the length of the sounds played by the PIANO synthesizer.


  • ATAK – the length of the sound volume increase. At the value of 0, the sound will start immediately, at 100 its volume will gradually increase for 1 second.
  • DURATION – duration of the whole sound. If it is shorter than the length of the ATTACK, it will not be fully reproduced.
  • RELEASE – sound fading time. At the value 0, the sound stops immediately, at 100 its volume will gradually decrease by 1 sec.


LOFI_Blocks_Sound (6)

Modulation of the PIANO synthesizer. With its help, you can change the synth tone from “soft” to “very strange”. Modulation allows you to generate various types of interesting sound effects.


  • MODULATION – the frequency of the modulation oscillator. At 0, 50 and 100 it is a multiple of the main frequency of the synthesizer, that sound will be natural. At 1-10, the modulation will have a low frequency allowing the effect of “police siren”. At 51-99 the modulation will be larger than the base oscillator this will disrupt the sound.
  • STRENGTH – strength of modulation.

Modulation applies only to the PIANO synthesizer.


LOFI_Blocks_Sound (3)

A block controlling a synthesizer responsible for playing bass lines.


  • Sound pitch – determined in the range from 0-100, covering 50 sounds from the C major scale, two units per sound.

The bass synthesizer is not connected with ECHO and REVERB, their use will not change the bass’ sound.


LOFI_Blocks_Sound (7)

A block that returns the digital value of the key pressed on the on-screen keyboard embedded in LOFI Blocks or the corresponding keyboard keys (A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L,;, ‘, \). When no key is pressed, the block returns 0.

The keyboard values correspond to fifty sounds from the C major scale.


LOFI_Blocks_Sound (9)

A block that reproduces the sounds of the built-in drum machine.


  • The name of the sound being played.
  • Speed – the playback speed of the recording – 50 is the original speed, in the range 0-50 the recording is proportionally released, at the value of 100 the recording is played twice as fast.
  • Reverse – sample direction. For the value FALSE the sample is played normally, for the value TRUE the sample is played from the back.


LOFI_Blocks_Sound (10)

The block determining the parameters of the implemented echo effect (also called the delay effect).


  • Strength – the echo cancellation force, determined in the range of 0-100, at the value of 0, the echo will be suppressed after the first repetition, at the value of 100, the echo will not be suppressed at all, it will sound infinite.
  • Length – defines the delay time of the echo in milliseconds, the value of 100 corresponds to one second.

The built-in echo effect is connected only to the synthesizer controlled by the PIANO block. It will not affect the sounds generated by BASS and RHYTHM blocks.


LOFI_Blocks_Sound (1)

A block that sets the parameters of the reverb effect.


  • Strength – the reverberation muting force, determined in the range of 0-100. With a small value, the reverb will sound like in a small room, at 100 it will sound without any muting.

Setting the reverb strength to 100 will cause subsequent sounds to be added to it without any muting, which can lead to overload (excessive loudness) of the sound.

Reverb is connected only to the PIANO synthesizer. It will not change the sounds generated by the BASS and RHYTHM blocks.