CODEBOX Drive – LOFI Control Application

LOFI Control is a simple mobile application that gives you basic options for controlling your robot vehicles.

Application versions:

Connecting electronic modules

  • Android – the app supports Bluetooth 2.0 as well as 4.0 modules. Choose your Bluetooth version after opening the app.
  • iOS – on iPhone and iPad the app supports only Bluetooth 4.0 so you do not have to choose module version after starting the app.

Click Bluetooth icon in the upper-right corner, your robot should be visible on the list. On Android with Bluetooth 2.0 remember to pair your device in the settings first.

Bluetooth must be turned on on your mobile device, on Android above 6.0 you also must enable localisation (GPS) for bluetooth 4.0 to work

If the robot connects properly, you should see a white outline on the Bluetooth icon.

Control modes

Click on LOFI Robot logo to open control modes menu. You can control your robot in three modes:

  1. Gamepad – button A controls buzzer, button B controls OUTPUT1 (on/off), slider 1 controls servo on OUTPUT2.
  2. Rotation – motors are controlled by accelerometer on your mobile device.
  3. Microphone – loudness of the audio input controls power of both motors.