Preparations – Connecting LOFI Brain with Mac OS.

This tutorial will show you how to configure your computer if you’re working on a Mac.

LOFI Robot comes with an A-B USB cable as standard. However, if you already have LOFI Drive or the FULL KIT, you also have a Bluetooth module. It depends on you whether you want to work using the cable or wirelessly.

Choose from the following options:

Connection via USB cable

Compatible with:

  • Mac OS 10.7 and up. Only with Chrome web browser.

    Connecting to LOFI Robot via the LOFI Robot Extension

    1. Connect LOFI Brain to the computer using the USB cable.


    2. After connecting LOFI Brain to the computer, you will hear a double beep from Buzzer – it is a signal that LOFI Brain is ready to work. Then open the LOFI Robot Extension from the Dock:


    3. The extension window opens. Click on the REFRESH SERIAL window, which will refresh the list of ports:


    4. Then click on the SERIAL PORT window and select our visible microcontroller board…


    … in this case: COM6 Arduino UNO.


    5. After selecting the correct PORT, we confirm the connection by clicking CONNECT:


    6. The CONNECT icon will change to DISCONNECT, again it will be signaled by a double Buzzer beep. This is a sign that the computer has connected to LOFI Brain.


    7. Your robot is already connected to the computer via a USB cable. You can now click OPEN LOFI BLOCKS.


    8. LOFI Blocks will open in a new tab. Make sure you are using the Chrome web browser. If everything is done correctly, the robot head in the upper right corner will have a border.


    How to properly disconnect the Robot

    1. Close LOFI Bloks and return to the LOFI Robot Extension. Click on the DISCONNECT icon – this will cause the Robot to properly disconnect from the computer:


    2. Close the application. You can disconnect LOFI Brain from the computer.


    Connection via Bluetooth 4.0.

    Compatible with:

    • Mac OS 10.10 and up. Only with Chrome web browser.

      1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Open LOFI Blocks and click on the robot icon.

      LOFI Blocks_BT4

      You can also use the embedded codes.

      LOFI Blocks_BT4_2

      2. A Bluetooth pairing window will open. Select your robot and click “Pair”. This will connect your robot with your computer.

      LOFI Blocks_BT4_3

      3. If everything is done correctly, the robot head in the upper right corner will have a border.